Healthy employees

Highly valued not just at the Singapore site

Having fit and healthy employees is vital for every company. TÜV SÜD is doing a lot to ensure that its employees around the world are not only physically fit, but also mentally healthy. For example at the ASEAN Headquarters in Singapore. Follow Jia Yi on a “room tour” and find out what TÜV SÜD does to create a good and healthy working environment.

Well thought-out, from the bottom up

The seven-story building in Singapore, a new construction built in 2021, is a prime example of how to combine work with a pleasant environment that keeps body and mind fit. Covering an area of almost 19,000 square meters, the complex offers the approximately 600 employees not only open-plan offices for creating innovative, collaborative working spaces, but also lounges, gyms or a rooftop terrace to relax and socialize with colleagues.

“As part of our global health management, we also follow what TÜV SÜD offers its employees in Singapore in many other locations.”

Nicole Commeßmann
TÜV SÜD Head of Global Health & Safety

Multi award-winning healthcare management

It isn’t possible to implement concepts such as the one in Singapore on an identical basis at every one of TÜV SÜD’s more than 1,000 sites. However, there is a strong emphasis on a global health management system that benefits all employees, regardless of where they work. Regular health campaigns on key issues encourage employees to take care of themselves and look out for warning signs in themselves or others. With success: TÜV SÜD has already won numerous awards for its healthcare management, including the HR Excellence Award and the Health Practice Award in China.

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