Business Development,
Division Mobility

Previously an automobile assessment expert, Sebastian Ospalek is now lead of the Mic project.

»At the start, little Mic was only able to travel in circles and took very simple, and rather wobbly, videos. But after just a few months, the robot now travels around the vehicle automatically and autonomously and delivers perfect 3D images. We are currently using Mic in a pilot project at one of our locations, but the technology and its software will soon be advanced enough for us to roll it out. Mic will then offer enormous advantages, particularly in vehicle sales operations. Previous 360-degree video solutions have involved enormous efforts; the systems contain a host of maintenance-intensive components and take a very long time to produce a single video. Mic enables us to offer a far quicker and lower-cost solution. And of course, he also creates a sensation wherever he appears and embodies exactly what we stand for: innovation! The robot can be used at any location where large numbers of used or new vehicles have to be photographed on a regular basis. This is where our technology brings particularly huge benefits for employees, who previously had to photograph the vehicles manually. Thanks to Mic this process will be faster, standardized and higher-quality in the future.«

The nimble little robot’s basic design resembles a Segway – even down to its moves!