Head of Innovation,
Division Mobility

Martin Vetter and his team have a vision of developing customer-focused services for the mobility of the future with new ideas that drive the company forward

»We are constantly engaged in improving the quality of service in our division. To do so, we are driving ahead innovative projects for new products, services, and business models. The topic of digitalization and the application of artificial intelligence naturally play key roles in supporting our processes. Low-complexity tasks – which are also often the most time-consuming and recurring––are particularly suitable areas for AI. By easing the workloads of our experts, it can thus free up their time for dealing with difficult and complex tasks beyond the limits of automation and artificial intelligence. At TÜV SÜD we are able to combine the advantages of technology – standardization, flexibility, and speed – with our wealth of more than 150 years of experience. This is what makes our service so unique!

Where the use of Digital Vehicle Scan is concerned, for example, we are engaged in optimizing the results and reliability of AI in automated damage assessments and valuations. The capacities we free up thus enable us to deploy our specialists precisely where their experience and their knowledge are most valuable in evaluating complex issues.«