»Going from hospital to TÜV SÜD was a huge change for me, but now my patients are pressure vessels instead of people! The most interesting thing is that many special-purpose vessels are non-standard. Sometimes we can’t attach our sensors onto the vessel wall because it’s covered in an oil film, because the material is non-magnetic, or simply because the right point is out of reach. That’s when we need improvisation and creativity. We may have to take a trip to the local expert store and buy special materials to complete our tests; sometimes we’ve even used tension belts to hold the sensors in place! I’m currently involved in a really exciting innovative project. A while ago we noticed cracks in a pressure vessel during acoustic emissions testing, and I wanted to know how long the customer could continue using the vessel. We’re now building three pressure vessels with precisely defined faults and will conduct controlled burst tests. This will enable us to give our customers more accurate predictions and offer them greater safety, certainty, and trust!«

Acoustic Emissions Testing Expert

Always seeking out new challenges – the latest is an exciting innovation-driven project.