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Hurry Xu is passionate about showing off his state-of-the-art facility. He is confident that e-mobility has a great future, not only in China.


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Liang Liang’s job is to showcase the work of over 4,000 colleagues who test consumer goods, electrical appliances, and high-tech products for global markets.

Changzhou, around an hour’s drive from Shanghai, is the location of TÜV SÜD’s biggest battery testing laboratory.

»Our NEV laboratory, which opened in November 2019, has no international equal. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, it offers extremely high testing capacity. The majority of our customers are automotive manufacturers seeking information on the resilience of the batteries in their electric vehicles. Safety is naturally the highest priority for both manufacturer and consumer. But our tests also represent a major step forward in research and development. Their results help our customers to continually improve the performance of their batteries, increasing efficiency while extending product life. That means fewer costs to drivers as well as ecological benefits!

Our Changzhou NEV laboratory performs thorough testing that puts batteries through their paces. We start by testing basic functions such as charging and discharging and monitor how the battery operates under normal conditions. Things get more exciting in the next step, where we use a variety of equipment to simulate extreme situations. For example, to investigate how batteries react to impact or accidents, we have a test rig that can replicate car crashes or travel over rough surfaces. To monitor performance under extreme environmental conditions, we can also simulate heavy rainfall, extremely high or low temperatures, and temperature fluctuations. In Changzhou we’re particularly proud of our large-scale bunkers––high-safety testing chambers where we make the batteries explode. That’s a pretty impressive sight, for us as well as the customers! A battery that has passed all our lab tests is ready for any situation.«